Hunting with Budget Night Vision Goggles

Hunting with Budget Night Vision Goggles

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Let's talk about those elusive feral hogs – they used to be strictly diurnal animals – meaning they went about their business during the daytime and slept at night like we humans do. However, after generations of being hunted in the daytime, feral hogs began to become increasingly nocturnal.

You see, when you take a closer look at hogs and wild boar around the world, you'll notice something interesting. Over in Europe and Asia, where hog hunting isn't as widespread as it is in the good ol' USA, these critters haven't had to adapt much. They're still sticking to their old habits, roaming around during the day and catching some Z's at night.

But here's where it gets fascinating. In certain areas where feral hogs have become a real nuisance – wreaking havoc on farmland and causing all sorts of trouble – humans have stepped in to thin out the population. And pigs, smart as they are, caught on to our tactics and changed their sleeping habits.

Nowadays, you'll find these clever creatures munching away under the cover of darkness, avoiding our prying eyes and making hog hunting a whole new ballgame. It's like they've taken a page out of our playbook, learning to outsmart the very humans who once had the upper hand. But fear not, because with Firefield's Hexcore Night Vision Binoculars, we're ready to level the playing field and show these sneaky hogs who's boss, day or night.

Introducing Firefield's Hexcore Night Vision Binoculars, priced at just $179 MSRP. Equipped with a high-performance 1280x720 CMOS digital night vision sensor and a crystal-clear 640x360 TFT LCD display, the Hexcore delivers unparalleled clarity and performance in low-light conditions.

But the Hexcore is more than just a pair of binoculars – it's a versatile tool for any nighttime adventure. Convert it to night vision goggles with the included DNV head mount and take advantage of its built-in video recorder to capture every moment in stunning high definition.

Now, night vision hunting does come with its fair share of challenges. One of the most glaring ones is the lack of peripheral vision. Imagine slipping on your night vision gear, eager to explore the shadows, only to find your field of view drastically narrowed. Suddenly, you're forced to focus solely on what's directly in front of you, with the rest of the world fading into darkness. It's disorienting, to say the least.

And let's not forget about depth perception – or lack thereof. Our natural field of view spans a whopping 190°, but with goggles on, that number shrinks to a mere 20°.

Now, don't get me wrong – it's all part of the night vision experience. Sure, it might feel a little odd at first, like you're wearing blinders and stumbling through the dark. But with time and practice, your eyesight adjust to the lack of depth perception and you’ll be able to walk normally.

It’s highly advisable to make it to your blind or shooting position with the help of a flashlight, then switch to night vision for stealth afterwards. Once you're settled in, it's time to switch to stealth mode. That's where the Hexcore Night Vision Binoculars come into play. With their advanced night vision technology, you'll be able to see clearly in even the darkest conditions, without giving away your position with a bright flashlight.

And don't worry about running out of juice – the Hexcore boasts a battery life of five hours, giving you plenty of time for a successful stand hunt. But just to be safe, it's always a good idea to pack some extra AA batteries in your gear bag. With a few spares on hand, you'll be prepared for anything the night throws your way.

When wearing night vision goggles, you’ll find that aiming your rifle in low-light conditions can be a real challenge – downright impossible with iron sights. That's where the IR laser comes into play.

This accessory emits an infrared beam that's invisible to the naked eye but shines brightly for anyone wearing night vision equipment. It allows you to lock onto your target without aiming down your sights even in the darkest of nights.

And here's the best part – with the IR laser guiding your aim, you can say goodbye to the hassle of relying on clunky iron sights. Let's face it, trying to align those sight posts with your target while wearing night vision goggles is like trying to thread a needle in the dark – it's just not happening.

Now, let's explore another avenue for enhancing your nighttime shooting prowess: the night vision compatible red dot. These sleek optics are purpose-built to complement your night vision setup and come equipped with settings specifically tailored to night vision use.

However, not all red dots are created equal when it comes to compatibility with night vision devices. That's why it's crucial to opt for a model specifically designed for nighttime use. These specialized optics are engineered to produce a precise, sharp reticle that won't blur or distort when viewed through night vision goggles.

So gear up, hunters, and prepare to take back the night with Firefield's Hexcore Night Vision Binoculars. With unmatched performance and affordability, it's time to turn the tables on those wily feral hogs and emerge victorious under the cover of darkness. Happy hunting!

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  • I sure would like to try them,If you have any open boxes or such hook me up. This would be great for an old poor guy like me.

    - Paul Davis

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