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Make a decision. Take action. Learn quickly. Then do it all again.

Process Design

Bulletproof Process

Start designing, repeating, and scaling great outcomes with confidence.


Smarter Tools

Equip your team to get it all done with less time, effort and stress.

It's Time for a Breakthrough

Have you envisioned a desired outcome but are struggling with the next step?

Are you in the middle of a project that has veered off course?

Do you wonder if your tools really bring out the best in your people and process?

What challenge is holding back your company’s potential?

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Who We Are

Firefield is helping companies make rapid, meaningful change by turning the management consulting model on its head. We deliver just enough insight, information, expertise and execution to help a venture identify and achieve its most valuable next action.
Then we position our clients to routinely achieve similar results with as little outside help as possible. Our engagements are light-weight, collaborative, and always lead to meaningful action.
The list of criticisms for traditional consulting is long: Too expensive. Not actionable. Overcomplicated. Jargon-filled. Chart and graph overload. The list goes on.
With our Minimalist MC Model, Firefield is changing the game. Let’s talk about what that can mean for your company.

Adam McGowan, Founder and Chief Strategist

Adam’s entire 20-year career has been spent shaping and growing businesses. He started by funding them (investment banking and hedge fund management). For the last decade, he’s been crafting game-changing strategy, software, and process for them. Adam founded Firefield to fulfill his passion – elevating how people and companies do what they’re meant to do.

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Technology Advising Program

The Firefield Network

The best-laid plans are useless if they don’t drive near-term action and meaningful results. Via the Firefield Network, we help match our clients with individuals and companies that are ideally suited to help tackle their most pressing challenges. With a new roadmap in hand and the Firefield Network at your disposal, your company will be ready to execute.

How we Think

Who We Are


Actions speak louder than words. Every aspect of our business is built on a deep-seated set of shared principles that set us apart.

What We Think


Whether or not you’ve hired us, we’re committed to always delivering value. We share our most useful expertise on our blog.

What We Accomplish

Getting Projects Unstuck

Even the most well-planned projects meet roadblocks from time to time.

We diagnose the source of “project paralysis” and help companies get things moving again.

Let's talk about moving you forward.

Turning Vision into Action

Good companies make big plans. Great companies deliver rapid results.

We help companies deliver outstanding outcomes by turning aspirations into actionable and measurable next steps.

What leaps are you about to make?

Bringing Technology to Life

Whether you need to develop new software, buy off-the-shelf, or pick a SaaS solution, we can help.

Picking the right collection of technologies and making them work for your business doesn’t need to be hard.

Let's harness the right tech for you.

Designing Optimal Process

When you’re running a growing business, even the simplest actions can get complicated quickly.

We design critical steps and decisions that get ventures from point A to B – consistently and confidently.

What is your straightest line to breakout success?

Keeping your Business Healthy

Companies typically call for help once something breaks or a problem becomes too big to avoid.

We help ventures prevent these bigger issues and consistently achieve their full potential with quick, periodic tune-ups.

How can you keep your business in top shape?