Why You Need a Truck Gun

Why You Need a Truck Gun

In an era where personal safety is paramount, individuals who believe in the Second Amendment are increasingly seeking ways to ensure their protection, especially while on the road. While concealed pistols offer a convenient means of self-defense, there's a growing recognition of the need for a more substantial solution – the truck gun.

Concealable pistols have long been favored for their compactness and portability, making them convenient for personal carry. However, a vehicle can provide the space required to carry a larger firearm that may be impractical or impossible to conceal. The concept of a truck gun stems from the idea that a more substantial weapon can provide an added layer of security during situations that might escalate beyond the capabilities of a concealed handgun.

Alarming Road Rage Trends

The rising incidence of road rage incidents involving firearms underlines the urgency of better equipping oneself for self-defense. Since 2018, the number of injuries and deaths resulting from road rage incidents has steadily increased. Shockingly, 413 individuals fell victim to road rage-related injuries in 2022 alone. These alarming statistics underscore the importance of being prepared to handle potentially dangerous situations while on the road.

Carjackings and Armed Offenders

Carjackings represent another critical threat that individuals may encounter while driving. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, a staggering 59% of carjackings in the United States involve an armed offender. This reinforces the necessity of having a means to defend oneself in these potentially life-threatening situations.

A tragic incident in August 2023 serves as a stark reminder of the need for a reliable means of self-defense within a vehicle. A Utah man's attack on a woman and three children during a road rage incident emphasizes how unpredictable and dangerous road encounters can become. While no fatalities occurred in this particular instance, it underscores the importance of having the means to protect oneself and loved ones.

Selecting the Ideal Truck Gun

Choosing the right truck gun requires careful consideration of factors such as size, weight, and ease of access. It's crucial that the chosen firearm complements the individual's physique and vehicle dimensions. A compact and lightweight firearm, such as a pistol or compact AR15, is recommended. These firearms can be mounted using various options like ceiling clips, console mounts, or seat back attachments, ensuring quick and convenient accessibility.

It should also be easily concealable when stored, since the most guns stolen in the United States are lifted from cars while their owners are off shopping or otherwise preoccupied. If they cannot be concealed, they should at least be cheap or unappealing to the modern criminal, like the Henry Lever Action Axe in .410 or a stockless, compact Ruger 10/22 Charger.

Prioritizing Accuracy and Efficiency

The effectiveness of a truck gun hinges on the shooter's accuracy and ability to engage targets quickly and accurately. Opting for a stable and precise platform that the shooter is comfortable with is paramount. While shotguns and lever-action rifles can offer viable options, short-barreled AR platforms and semi-automatic rifles provide optimal performance in terms of accuracy and rate of fire.

Incorporating optics enhances the shooter's ability to acquire targets swiftly and accurately. Reflex sights, designed for rapid target acquisition, excel in this regard. They provide heightened situational awareness by allowing shooters to maintain both eyes open while aiming. The Firefield Impact series of sights is an exemplary choice, offering adjustable reticles, water resistance, and durability through their aluminum and polymer construction.


As road-related incidents become increasingly unpredictable and potentially dangerous, the idea of a truck gun gains merit. Balancing portability, accessibility, and firepower, a truck gun can provide a critical advantage during situations where personal safety is paramount. While the decision to carry a truck gun should be based on individual circumstances and legal considerations, it is clear that being prepared for unforeseen threats is a responsibility that cannot be ignored. Ultimately, the goal is to empower individuals to navigate the roads with greater peace of mind and confidence in their ability to protect themselves and their loved ones.

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