8 Holiday Gifts for Gun Owners

8 Holiday Gifts for Gun Owners

By Firefield  

So, whether you’re shopping for someone else, yourself or because your gun has been so good all year—it didn’t kill anyone (!)—Firefield has a little something for every type of shooter and every type of gun. Consider the 8 holiday gifts for gun owners!

Next, we want to make sure you can fill those stockings this year, so our holiday specials are particularly good.

Thus, you can’t put a price on the tool that could possibly save your life, and everyone deserves the right to defend themselves, as well as the opportunity to put meat on the table.

For those interested in target shooting, competition and tactical training—we’ve got your gear essentials, too! We’ve even thrown in a few just-for-fun things! No matter if you’re a shotgunner, pistol shooter or MSR owner, you’ll find something on this list to give this Christmas. 

1-6x24mm 1st Focal Plane Scope

The Firefield 1-6x24 scope is perfect for fast moving targets.
The Firefield 1-6×24 scope is perfect for fast-moving targets:
  • Tactical shooting
  • MilSim
  • AR-15

Price: $104.98

This 1st Focal Plane riflescope with close combat/Mil-dash illuminated reticle is designed for rapid range-finding and holdovers at a variety of distances—from up-close and personal to medium-ranges.

Used for urban warfare or self-defense on an AR-15 and other Modern Sporting Rifles, lower-powered variable scopes are quickly becoming favored by military troops because of their versatility.

Firefield’s 1-6x24mm 1st Focal Plane scope features red or green reticle illumination for fast target acquisition in low-light, 5 brightness settings, advanced lens coatings and it is weatherproof.

Also, it is nearly impossible to find a first focal plane scope at this price point. This is an incredible bargain.

Here, let us convince you that the low-powered scopes are the new red dot—click here.

AR-15 Laser Light Combo

This low-profile AR-15 light and laser combo has a green laser and 180-lumen white LED light.
This low-profile AR-15 light and laser combo has a green laser and 180-lumen white LED light.


  • AR-15
  • Self-defense
  • Tactical shooting

Price: $55.98

Two self-defense tools in one come on this low-profile green laser tactical light combo. Made for AR-15s and other MSRs, the light helps you identify and temporarily blind intruders with 180s lumens, the 5mW green laser aids in quick, accurate target acquisition.

Essentially, green lasers shine bright in the dark as well as bright daylight with a 50-yard range during the day and an impressive 600 yards at night.

Finally, constructed of lightweight aluminum, the AR laser light combo is weatherproof and will clear the rifle’s front sight post so you can still use your flip-up or factory iron sights.

T1000 Flashlight

The T1000 tactical light has a bright white LED bulb with a whopping 1,000 lumens maximum output. 
The T1000 tactical light has a bright white LED bulb with a whopping 1,000 lumens maximum output:
  • Tactical uses
  • Self-defense
  • EDC

Price: $34.98

The T1000 tactical light has a bright white LED bulb with a whopping 1,000 lumens maximum output with a beam throw of up to 300 yards.

With five modes, the T1000 flashlight will switch between high at 1,000 lumens; medium at 700 lumens; low at 300 lumens; strobe at 1,000 lumens for disorientating targets; and SOS at 1,000 lumens for survival situations.

This hefty light takes 3 D-cell batteries with a battery life up to 7 hours on low. Aggressive texturing provides a non-slip grip and the aluminum construction is durable, weatherproof and shockproof.

Tracker 3x42mm Night Vision Binoculars

Gen 1 3x42 night vision binoculars lets you see up to 130 yards away in complete darkness. 
These Gen-1, 3×42 night vision binoculars lets you see up to 130 yards away in near-total darkness.
  • Hunting
  • Tactical uses
  • Surveillance

Price: $599.97

The Firefield Tracker is a Gen 1 night vision optic with a built-in high-power infrared illuminator that will detect objects out to 165 yards in near-total darkness.

For predator and varmint hunters, night vision is an invaluable tool for spotting game. Accordingly, these binoculars feature a dual tube design that provides better depth perception, a compact, lightweight and ergonomic body comfortable for viewing during long periods.

Unlike most night vision devices, the Tracker utilizes the revolutionary Eclipse Lens flip-up Cover system with pinholes in the lens caps so you can use the Tracker during the day with the caps closed without damaging it!

N-Vader 3-9x Digital Night Vision Monocular

holiday gifts gun owners


  • Hunting
  • Tactical uses
  • Aiding the rebel alliance

Price: $79.97

Star Wars Alliance Starbird, also known as the Phoenix, insignia of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Know a Star Wars fan? The (N) Vader is a fun play on the Galaxy’s worst enemy, plus it describes how well this digital night vision monocular infiltrates the night.

Enough nerding out…

The N-Vader digital night vision monocular features 3-9x variable magnification, enhanced digital imaging, up to 195-feet range and is video-enabled—meaning it will record all the action.

Therefore, because digital works differently than traditional night vision, you can use the N-Vader without any issues during the day.

This little handheld unit incorporates a powerful built-in infrared illuminator, fits in your palm and weighs only 11.6 ounces without batteries.

Agility 1x30mm Red Dot Shotgun Sight

With four red or green illuminated reticles to chose from, the Agility Remington shotgun sight is extremely versatile.  
With four red or green illuminated reticles to chose from, the Agility Remington shotgun sight is extremely versatile:
  • Hunting
  • Self-defense
  • Competition

Price: $39.97

With four red or green illuminated reticles to choose from, the Agility Remington shotgun sight is extremely versatile. From quick target acquisition in a home-protection situation to turkey hunting—you are sure to hit what you’re aiming at with this traditional red dot shotgun sight.

Additionally, the Agility comes with built-in saddle mount to securely attach it to a Remington 870, 1100 and 11-87 shotguns and specifically designed to protect the line of sight and provide a comfortable cheek weld.

The reticles on the Agility shotgun red dot sight are 5 MOA Dot, Circle Dot, Crosshair and Circle Dot Crosshair.

2.5-10x40mm Barrage Riflescope with Green Laser Sight

The Barrage is a great holiday gift for gun owners 
The Barrage is our most popular scope.
  • AR-15
  • Tactical shooting
  • Target shooting

Price: $139.97

The Barrage is our most popular scope. Designed for close-quarter to mid-range engagements, the 2.5-10x Barrage can be used on your self-defense gun for use of the laser for quick target acquisition in low-light, as well as varmint and predator hunting with the variable magnification range.

Next, it features a red or green illuminated bullet drop compensating reticle for 55-grain .223 ammunition, with quick elevation adjustments out to 500 yards, as well as a green laser sight visible at night and during the day.

Other premium features include fully multi-coated scratch-resistant, anti-reflective glass, a durable anodized finish and 100-hour battery life.

3×30 Burst Combat Sight

Black, tactical prismatic combat sight for rifles 
From hunting to competition, the 3×30 combat sight will make sure you hit what you’re aiming at:
  • Tactical shooting
  • MilSim
  • AR-15

Price: $69.98

The Burst Combat sight allows for extreme versatility with your rifle. So, with fixed 3x magnification, you can engage targets at mid ranges, while a Picatinny rail atop the sight allows for the mounting of a reflex sight for quick target acquisition in close quarters (CQB.)

With a black-etched red illuminated Circle Dot reticle and the (the highest level of premium prism on the market,) BAK4 prism, the Burst is ready for anything. It features an ergonomic, rubber-armored housing for durability, 11 brightness settings and a maximum 500 hours battery life on low.

Stocking Stuffers

Good things come in small packages…don’t forget these gems which are perfect for smaller gifts. Holiday gifts for gun owners are never out of style!

We’re still waiting on Santa to deliver our Noveske Space Invader but until then we’ll keep slinging lead…What is on your Christmas list this year? Tell us in the comment section.

Click here to see all our holiday specials!

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