How to Use a Rifle Sling

How to Use a Rifle Sling

By firefield  

Using a rifle sling helps with stability and accuracy. They also provide a way to carry your firearm comfortably, while the positioning makes your gun quickly and easily accessible. Firefield carries both two- and single-point slings.

Firefield offers a tactical AR-15 single-point sling and a two-point sling. Both feature durable 550-lb. paracord construction with 1.2-inch webbing and a king cobra knot. Unraveled, each sling provides about 80’ of paracord for use in survival or emergencies situations. The single-point sling is adjustable from 33 to 43 inches, while the 2-point sling is adjustable from 37.5 to 45 inches.

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Slings are pretty subjective and come down to two dominating purposes, carry and stabilization. The most popular slings for hunting are traditional two-point and tactical-carbine-inspired single-point systems and each system offers significantly different forms of carrying and presenting; in fact, even presenting is different, depending on the type of shooting. Tactical-style close- to mid-range engagement might be better suited for a single-point sling while two-point slings may be best for shooting.

The tactical single-point sling is constructed of durable 550 paracord.

Two-point slings are most often installed to sling mounts on the underside of the stock and forend or rail. Of course, many people also attach a sling to the inside surface of the stock and forend, facing the shooter. Another connection option is to mount the rear of the sling to the bottom or shooter-side of the stock and opposite the shooter side of the forend or rail for a tighter wrap. Firefield two-point slings include sling adaptors. Simply attach the sling adapters to the sling swivel studs and you’re ready to go.

Users often wrap the back rear of the Firefield two-point sling around the back of their upper arm with their forward arm wrapped clockwise into the sling. This method fosters exceptional stability for sitting, kneeling, offhand and benchrest shooting.

Firefield Single Point Slings are perfect for carrying and presenting AR-style rigs, including pistols, and other modern sporting rifles. To mount a single point sling, a sling-attachment point is required and is most often found on or near the back lower-receiver plate located at the forward edge of the stock tube. If you don’t have this type of sling attachment point, adding one is quite simple and a great upgrade.

The Firefield Single Point Sling features a clip. Simply clip onto the attachment point. Once attached, shorten the sling to the point that the rifle is comfortable in the shoulder. Wrapping your hand into the sling ad mentioned earlier tightens your slinged shooting position and increases stability. As a side note, if you’re shooting right-handed the single-point sling should be worn over the right side of your neck and under your left arm. Wearing a single-point sling in this manner not only helps you get into a shooting position efficiently, but it also helps keep your rifle oriented properly for quick presentation.

Do you use your slings in other ways? Feel free to comment and let people know.

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