Firefield Stun Guns Deliver Electrifying Results

By firefield  

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2016/10/19) – Firefield Stun Guns are designed to ruin the day of any aggressor in need of a shocking reality check. With over 1.1 million violent crimes occurring in the U.S. each year, taking responsibility for your own protection and refusing to become a statistic has become more than a right; it has become a responsibility. While self-defense is critically important, many either cannot or will not carry a firearm. Whether you carry a stun gun with or in lieu of a firearm, self-preservation should never be a compromise.

Deliver a shocking 9 million volts when you need to defend yourself and stop the threat!

Understanding and supporting your essential right to personal defense, Firefield now offers three highly effective stun gun models designed specifically for easy, single-handed operation: Firefield Microburst 7 Million Volt Stun Gun (FF24000), Firefield Volt 9 Million Volt Stun Gun (FF24001) and Firefield Surge 10 Million Volt Stun Gun (FF24002). All three Firefield Stun Guns are sure to deliver the electrifying results you want during a critical incident.

The surge stun gun delivers 10 million volts and has an integrated flashlight.

More than just defensive weapons, Firefield Stun Guns also offer practical, versatile, convenience with a built-in flashlight to light your way to safety; ultra-compact design for easy open or concealed carry in your clothing, purse or bag; a built-in charging plug; and a rechargeable battery with 5,000 charge cycles.

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