Choosing the Right Firefield AR-15 Scope

Choosing the Right Firefield AR-15 Scope

By Firefield  

Shopping for an optic for your AR can be as overwhelming as picking out the rifle you’re putting it on. There are literally thousands of scopes to choose from. Where do you even begin? Firefield has three different lines of AR-15 scopes for every situation in which you run your gun—hunting, long-range precision shooting, tactical, defense, and competition. Use this quick comparison guide to help narrow your choices.


The Barrage includes a bullet drop compensator for 55-grain .223 ammo and an integrated laser.

The Barrage series of AR scopes are an awesomely affordable plinking and varmint-hunting scope. The fully multi-coated AR lenses provide clear glass for a crisp and detailed target image. There are six models to chose from, all with a red or green illuminated mil-dot reticle with five brightness settings. Mil-dot reticles are used to estimate range, while the illumination helps in low-light situations. The Barrage is a hefty, durable scope rated for .308 Winchester AR-10 recoil. They are available in two different magnifications: 2.5-10x40mm and 1.5-5x32mm. Both are available with a red laser, green laser or without. The location of the laser puts it lower and closer to the barrel, aligning the dot centered on your target.

The 2.5-10x40mm riflescope is perfect for hunting when it is dark due to the larger objective lens. These models offer bullet drop compensation out to 500 yards for 55-grain .223 Remington bullets.

The 1.5-5×32 scope provides a wider field of view, which means you find your target quicker and easier, especially if it is moving. This model is perfect for close to mid-range hunting and defense use.


The Agility scopes with duplex reticle are good in low-light situations.

The Agility series has a duplex reticle that illuminates in red or green. Duplex reticles help you determine range for long-distance shots and are good in low-light environments. The red and green illumination helps quicken target acquisition when hunting at dusk or dawn and provides contrast between your target and the reticle. They are nitrogen-filled to prevent fogging and are rated IPX6 weather-resistant. The low-profile windage turrets provide protection from impact and ensure the riflescope is always zeroed in. There are two different magnifications available—a fixed 4×32 and 3-9x40mm. The Agility is a very versatile scope—from close quarters to mid-range to long-distance. This series of Firefield scopes are the most affordable.

The 3-9x40mm is a very common magnification and objective lens combination. The 3x is good for shorter ranges out to 100 yards, while the 9x magnification is excellent for accuracy while hunting and shooting long-range. Use the red and green illumination to hunt varmints. The larger objective lens gathers more light, making targets appear brighter and provide a good image during low-light.

The 4x32mm Agility is made for close quarters. The fixed magnification makes sure you achieve precise shot placement on smaller objects.


Firefield’s Tactical mil-dot scopes have red and green illuminated reticles and offer the widest variety of magnification ranges than the other scopes:

If long-range is your game, look at the Tactical line of riflescopes.
  • 10-40x50mm with Adjustable Objective and illuminated reticle
  • 3-12x40mm with Adjustable Objective and illuminated reticle
  • 4-16x42mm with Adjustable Objective and illuminated reticle
  • 8-32×50 with Adjustable Objective and illuminated reticle
  • Fixed 4x32mm with Duplex Reticle (no illumination)

The Tactical series of AR scopes are designed as long-range scopes for precision shooting and competition. They withstand 1,200gs of recoil and the adjustable objective models have parallax correction. Easy grip turrets make adjustments easy. Switch between red or green illumination on the mil-dot reticle, or flat black without illumination for daytime. There are five brightness settings. Transitioning between close to further targets is smooth and fluid. The light-gathering capabilities of the 50mm objective will give you the brightest picture in low-light situations.

First Focal Plane Riflescope

The first focal plane reticle stays in position proportional to the target.

The first focal plane riflescope has an illuminated red or green first focal plane reticle that stays in position proportional to the target. This feature is good for estimating range. This scope only comes in one model with 1-6x magnification and 24mm objective lens. The 1x gives you a wide field of view, to keep your situational awareness while working in close quarters and 6x magnification for mid-range precise shots.

Close Combat Riflescope

1x magnification lets you shoot with both eyes open, while 4x magnifies targets at mid-range.

This compact scope has a 1-4x magnification and 24mm objective lens. The true 1x power allows you to keep both eyes open when aiming, and the 4x hones in on further away targets. For competition and target shooting at close to medium-range engagements, the CQB scope has a mil-dot reticle that illuminates red or green or you can use it without for a traditional black reticle. You can also use the Mil-Dot reticle as a holdover for bullet drop compensation or windage correction.

So many scopes, so little time…to try them all. How does one choose a tactical scope? This buyer’s guide narrows down the basic features of Firefield’s line of riflescopes. From CQB to long-range precision shooting, we have a scope that suits your needs.

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