Firefield Budget Hunting and Shooting Guide

Firefield Budget Hunting and Shooting Guide

By Firefield  

Budget Hunting!

There is an ongoing misconception that hunting and shooting are expensive, demanding activities. While it is true that hunting is a serious sport, and one must be properly equipped and trained, it need not be expensive. In fact, budget hunting is a very real, very popular thing.

Getting out into the woods, stalking and harvesting prey animals and enjoying fresh air and nature’s beauty should not break the bank.

In the following guide, we’ll identify everything you need to get out in the bush without necessitating a trip to the welfare office afterwards.


Firefield does not manufacture firearms. However, we have some expert recommendations that can help you make this first crucial purchase with style and sense.

Note that the firearm itself is often the most expensive piece of hunting gear you will ever purchase. Budget hunting is not free hunting, after all.   

Savage Arms is a gun-making company based in Massachusetts. They offer a wide variety of rimfire and centerfire rifles and shotguns.

This camouflage bolt-action rifle is ideal for all manner of varmint from rabbits, foxes, raccoon and possum. Available in 3 calibers: 17 Hornet, 22 Hornet and 223 REM, this rifle weighs a mere 6.9lbs and costs $679.00

budget hunting rifle

This bolt-action turkey shotgun fires 20 gauge and weighs 7.5lbs. It has a 22-inch carbon steel barrel and is made from machined steel. It has 2 detachable box magazines and costs $695.00

budget hunting rifle


This Firefield Tactical 4×32 Riflescope boasts fully multi-coated lenses and a mil dot reticle. Capable of easy target acquisition in bright and low-light conditions, this riflescope boasts a wide field-of-view and is water resistant and fog-proof. The price? $49.97 

budget hunting scope

This Firefield Agility 1×25 Sight with Multi-Dot Reticle is an excellent optic for quick target acquisition – ideal for turkey hunting in the autumn. With its rugged, weatherproof and shock-proof design, red or green multi-dot reticle and unlimited eye relief, this optic costs a mere $49.97

budget hunting scope

This Rapidstrike 1-6×24 SFP Riflescope is the perfect optic for deer hunting this season. As a Low-Powered Variable Optic (LPVO), users can easily adjust their magnification to suit the environment and prey situation. With pop-up locking turret, a red or green illuminated reticle and honeycomb lens filter, this optic costs $179.99

budget hunting scope


Holding a rifle upright for long periods of time is extremely draining. For that reason, experienced shooters use bipods and tripods to rest their firearm upon, and more importantly, to increase accuracy. There is simply no comparison between the accuracy of a free-floating firearm versus one that is supported by a bipod or tripod.

This Firefield Stronghold Bipod is durable and lightweight, with rubber feet for maximum stability. It also boasts a padded stock mount, multiple length extensions (11-16 inches), a sling attachment and comes with an included Picatinny mount adapter. It weighs 18.1oz and costs $55.97

budget hunting bipod

This Firefield Stronghold Bipod is durable and lightweight, with rubber feet for increased stability. It permits pivot/pan and tilt adjustment and comes with a padded stock mount. Extending from 14-26 inches, this bipod costs $59.97

budget hunting bipod

Spotting Scopes

A spotting scope is invaluable while hunting and shooting. A quality spotting scope will enable you to positively identify your target before you fire – an absolute necessity and ethical requirement. Spotting scopes create high-magnification digiscope images, giving you eagle eyes when you’re out in the woods or bush.

This Firefield 20×50 Spotting Scope Kit features fully multi-coated optics and an elegant, rubber-armored body. This scope is durable enough to survive water immersion up to 1 meter and is fully weather-proof…so rain won’t be a problem for this spotting scope.

It comes with a small, adjustable tripod, and is easily secured and stowed in an included durable nylon carrying case with shoulder strap. Price – $39.97

budget hunting scope

This Firefield 12-36x50SE Spotting Scope Kit has fully multi-coated lenses and weighs 19.4 oz. With variable high-powered magnification and an IPX6 waterproof and fog-proof rating, this spotting scope is stylish and durable.

It comes with an included, adjustable tripod and carrying case. Cost: $59.97

budget hunting scope

Tools and Accessories

This multi-tool is 15 devices in 1: knife, pliers, wire cutters, bolt scraper, bit driver, flathead screwdriver, bottle opener and more! This multi-tool can also fix basic issues on AR rifles, such as adjusting optics, and it can assist with cleaning! With a durable metal construction, this nifty multi-tool costs $39.97

budget hunting tool

Worried about the glare of the sun revealing your hiding location to prey animals? Try using this sweat-resistant, skin-safe Camo Paint! It is FDA approved, non-toxic, odorless and washes off easily with soap and water! Only $7.97!

budget hunting face paint

When it comes to your eyeballs, you can never be safe enough. These Firefield Performance Shooting Glasses are comfortable, stylish and scratch-resistant. With 99.9% UVA/UVB protection, these excellent shooting glasses are $19.97

budget hunting goggles

Cleaning your firearm is paramount. After shooting, sludge and resinous grime accumulate in your barrel and chamber, which can damage your firearm if not cleaned properly. Not only is shooting a dirty firearm dangerous, it can also be needlessly expensive. For only $19.97, you can purchase the Firefield Cleaning Kit and ensure that your firearms stay in top-notch condition for only $19.97!

budget hunting cleaning kit

Final Bill

Hunting and shooting activities are not exclusive to multi-millionaires. In America, there is a massive industry that competes for customers and commercial interest, and you should take advantage of that.

Compare prices, check quality, ask about warranties…whatever it takes to get out in the bush. Amongst the experts, Firefield is known for its affordable optics, accessories and quality.

After you purchase a firearm, the items in this list should account for less than $300. Now that’s budget hunting! So what are you waiting for? Visit now for these great deals!

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