AR-15 Multi-Tool

AR-15 Multi-Tool

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One of my favorite places to shoot is a friend’s private property way out in the country. There’s no one telling me I can’t rapid fire or draw from a holster, no one next to me shooting my target and no range fees! But, it’s primitive and for a few hours of shooting, I don’t want to drag my entire tool kit around in case something comes up. However, I need some type of aid if there are issues…and there will be issues…to help fix standard problems. To keep shooting smoothly, the Firefield AR-15 multi-tool has everything you need to adjust your optics, mount accessories and perform routine cleaning and maintenance.

The AR-15 is one of my favorite firearms, and though it is highly reliable, the AR also likes being clean and well-lubed…mine does anyway. I found that out the hard way. Being stuck in the field with a finicky, malfunctioning firearm is no fun and extremely frustrating—especially without tools to do what it takes to continue firing. Admittedly, this mistake was my fault—lack of proper maintenance and going out unprepared was m

y own doing. So, lesson learned.

Now, staples in my range bag include the Firefield multi-tool, a cleaning rod and a small bottle of lube. These things keep my AR up and running during a full day at the range.

What are the two most typical issues that arise while at the range?

  1. Ammo malfunctions
  2. Optics and sights out of alignment

Ammo Malfunctions

Though faulty and bad ammo certainly accounts for malfunctions and jams, I find that many malfunctions are due to a dirty and dry gun. A little bit of lube goes a long way.

Optics and Sight Adjustments

Optics like red dots, lasers and iron sights need to be tightened, zeroed and aligned, especially when new or remounted after being removed. You never want to compensate for your misaligned sights. Get them straight, so you hit where you aim.

This 15-in-1 AR-15 range tool includes spring-loaded pliers with an integrated wire cutter, bolt scraping tool, two sharp blades, plus a built-in hammer surface.

Here is the parts list and guide to what tools are included:


BCG Problems

The bolt scraper helps clean hard to reach places.

I got 99 problems and the BCG is one of them…

The bolt carrier group is the center of your AR. Its where the magic happens. Without it, your gun no go bang. Fouling can do a real number on your BCG, causing it to not complete its action and giving you a failure to feed. The back of the bolt tends to collect a lot of carbon build up which can be difficult to remove. The metal pick (tool number 13) and the bolt scraper (tool number 4) help scrape this hard-to-reach area.

Something special and unique about the Firefield’s AR tool is the cotter pin puller which helps you take out the bolt carrier group and removes the firing pin and bolt.

The multi-tool includes a large flat head, bit driver and four bits— 3mm flat head, 3mm Hex, T10 Star and T15 Star. These bits, along with the Hex wrench are all designed to help attach mounts to your rifle.

Breaking down your AR on the line is a pain. There is always the chance you’ll lose springs, pins or other small parts, which is sure to shut down your shooting. In a pinch, use the largest Philips head or Hex key and hammer surface to punch out pins to break down your AR to check for feed ramp or gas issues.

Though the two blades are designed especially for scraping, sharp right out of the box, they work well for any cutting task. I use them more often for every day cutting rather than scraping the bolt. They come in handy at all the different types of gun ranges I visit.

A unique feature to the Firefield AR tool is the pliers. They will pull a stuck round out of your chamber and handle a variety of other tasks—not just at the range and on your gun. They’re a good all-around tool for various projects.

The built-in wire cutters might seem useless for maintaining your rifle, yet I’ve used them at my friend’s property for hanging and changing targets.

There are 15 tools in total. A safety locking mechanism keeps the tools securely open when deployed, and it is made of heavy-duty durable metal. Overall, it is 4.2 inches long, 1-inch wide and 1.8 inches tall. In the pouch with bits, it weighs 14.1 ounces.

Overall, this tool is useful not just for AR maintenance, disassembly and cleaning, but also, I’ve found that the tools function in everyday use, as well. Compared to other AR-15 tools on the market, this one has the added Hex wrench and large flat head, plus the bonus bottle opener for when your done shooting!

What tools do you take to the range with you? What is your cleaning routine? Tell us in the comment section.

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