Updating our Visual Identity: A New Firefield Logo

March 6, 2019 | By Firefield CEO and Founder, Adam McGowan

Over the past six months, Firefield has been revisiting nearly every aspect of our business. Now that we have clarified our who, what, and why, we turned our attention to our visual identity. Specifically, the Firefield logo. Through Firefield’s journey over the past decade, nearly everything has changed to some degree. Our visual identity, however, was the most notable exception to that rule. In April of 2009, the flaming F was born, and it served us well ever since. Here’s how it looked on a white background:



A Little History

Although Firefield is a consulting firm today, we didn’t start there. When conceived in 2008, the venture was a software product. The original Firefield “app” was a management tool for youth athletics, and our logo was crafted to suit. The fire imagery was literal, and our mark wouldn’t have looked out of place on a pro sports uniform. A green gradient captured both a fresh cut ballpark and an innovative tech startup. Even our typeface was nimble and forward-leaning.

When we made the move from a product to a service company in 2012, we thought long and hard about our visual identity. In those days our clients were primarily early-stage companies bringing new apps to market. Although maybe not perfect, our mark, palette, and typography still seemed to serve the “tech startup” community relatively well. The logo was going to stay.

But over the past few months, things have changed. Our tightened focus has pulled us away from the tech startup scene and towards more established ventures. We have evolved away from our “dev shop” label and are applying more focus to technology strategy for growing businesses. 


Firefield’s Future

Today Firefield serves a client base of growing businesses who aren’t particularly technical. These partners look to us to bring them confidence, execution, and progress in areas that aren’t necessarily their specialty. They choose us because:

  • We’re systematic, structured, and process-driven, but not rigid.
  • Our recommendations are clear and actionable, but not trivial.
  • We are forward-thinking and aspirational, but results-focused.
  • We are established and grounded, but willing to challenge assumptions.
  • Our solutions are robust and lasting, but not over-engineered. 

The flame had a good run, but with all this in mind, it had become clear it was time for it to retire.


The Big Reveal

The only thing I know for sure about logo redesigns is that they can evoke a LOT of strong opinions. We don’t think our rebrand will be an exception. I can already hear “No! The old one was so much better!!” ringing in my ears. But design tastes aside, our focus was to create a mark that could tell our story – a mark whose attributes align well with our own – a mark that can grow along with us. I think we accomplished that. Drumroll, please…





For this new design, the triangle felt like the ideal shape to represent us. Its natural properties make it strong and versatile – a perfect building block for the simplest or most complex structures. With their upward orientation, the stacked shapes direct us skyward while still remaining stable and grounded. The repeating geometry is balanced and robust without requiring needless weight or intricacy. A slab typeface in uppercase completes the mark in a bold but unassuming fashion. 

Are we reading a bit too much into four blue triangles? That’s in the eye of the beholder. But regardless of any hidden meaning, we are excited to embrace an updated identity that feels well suited for Firefield’s next chapter. 

If you would like to talk about how Firefield’s approach can help you harness tech in your business, let’s start a conversation.