Firefield Advisory

No-Cost Advising Program

Every company can benefit from technology expertise and perspective. Now nothing is stopping you from getting some too.

The Opportunity

When it comes to tech, we think two things are undeniably true:

  1. Every company can benefit from an expert perspective about their relationship with technology.
  2. In the face of limited certainty or knowledge, it can be hard to even learn or decide what to do next.

These two issues combine to create huge missed opportunities.

The Solution

Firefield Advisory is piloting a new program that makes our initial advisory work accessible to everyone. To make your barrier to action minimal, we made the time commitment small and the cost ZERO.

During this phase, we learn just enough to highlight where companies are hitting the mark with tech and where they are falling short of their potential. In this program, we deliver at least one immediately actionable recommendation.

The Specifics

Our process starts with a basic questionnaire that should take a business leader under 10 minutes to complete. We then review the responses and apply our expertise to craft a customized assessment.

We deliver our findings during 45-minute virtual session. This approach is optimal because it provides a great opportunity for follow-up questions. In exchange for under an hour of their time, we deliver leaders immediate and lasting value to their companies.

From Startup to Enterprise

While we advise companies of all stages, our questionnaire is geared towards established companies. If you’re a startup, reach out to us and we’ll get you going.

The Questions

To kick off your no-cost advisory session, please scroll down, click “Start”, and answer a few questions. If you have any questions or issues, please contact us directly.

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