Tech Consulting to Grow, Protect or Spark Change

February 4, 2019 | By Firefield CEO and Founder, Adam McGowan

Many executive teams are at a crossroads. Perhaps business growth is stagnant. You might need to protect your market share against new competitors. Or maybe you want to spark a fundamental change in your workforce.

Technology (or the lack of it) is the reason many businesses face this stagnant growth, risk a decline in market share, or lag in workplace efficiency. However, technology can also be the catalyst for new growth, protecting your existing business, or sparking change.

That’s why my mission is to help executives make and implement smart decisions that leverage technology. To grow, protect, or spark change in your business.

As a strategy and software consultant, I know the power of technology in business. I also know that limitless options and challenges can make it difficult to make the right choice. Especially for non-technical executives, getting advice on what technology and how to implement it can be the difference between life and death for your business.

At Firefield, we care about making sure you have the right information and advice you need to make the tech choices that make your vision and your company’s potential a reality. That’s why we do what we do.


Actionable Tech Consulting:

An outside perspective + feasible strategies

Most consultants are brought in to advise from an outside perspective. It’s my view that unless that consultant starts by understanding the context and values driving decisions, the work is incomplete. Real results start with real empathy, to balance the challenges of a business with your values and vision.

I believe in meeting your business where it is and incorporating your values. Sometimes an owner wants to know the ROI on the most environmentally-impactful solution. Your ultimate goal might include implementing new technology while retaining your workforce.

Before you start building custom software or buying tech solutions for your business, your motivations, goals, and expectations need to be clear.

We also believe in actionable consulting. We make sure our advice and recommendations are feasible for your business. You may need plans for adopting new technology or training your workforce. You may determine that you need software development and guidance during that process.

Our team is prepared to work with your business from start to finish.

We make sure your current and future processes are designed to directly address the problems you need to be solved. We assess the software options available to you and implement or build your right-sized solution, whether fully custom crafted or not.

Ultimately, I believe that companies can get lost in the day-to-day operations. Especially established companies. The gradual progression of time makes it harder to keep up with technology and see what is happening in your business. Yet many companies face these crucial moments, without experts who bring together process, technology, and strategy in lasting and effective ways.


Tech to grow, protect, or spark change in your business

Everyone talks about using technology to automate or streamline repeatable processes and workflows. Our approach with the Firefield Framework goes deeper than just discovery and recommending tech solutions — we get to the heart of why your business needs a tech revolution. You want solutions that fit your needs, your values, and your workforce.

We specialize in technology for professional and contract service companies. That includes outsourced services and process-driven workforces: from bookkeepers and CPA firms, to plumbers and facilities managers. These businesses need structured, organized, and repeatable workflows for their people.

These tech solutions can enable a business to build a franchise. Tech can bring revolutionary change to how you manage inventory, trucks, or scheduling. You could streamline a workflow or process.

Your customers want human interactions, with the convenience of tech.


How we do it:

The Firefield Framework

We use our proprietary Firefield Framework to break down the problems our clients need fixed. We developed our framework with insights from software development, investment banking, small business operations, and the startup world.

  • Clear. We don’t jump to making recommendations. Sometimes a problem appears simple until you uncover the details and intended audience. Our strategies are built on clarity.
  • Measurable. We make sure our customers have metrics to compare options and measure success. If we want growth or results, we need ways to measure and test effectiveness.
  • Attainable. The decisions you make must account for the skill set of your employees, the budget you have, and the ability to demonstrate results. We strive to help you find the most reasonable solution for your company.
  • Robust. An attractive return on investment is a given — our focus is on how well your investment withstands the tests and uncertainties of time.


Wait, so you do it all?

Tech consulting and software development?

Absolutely not. Our team builds software that has demonstrated value and robustness unique to your business after working through the Firefield Framework. If you already have a list of features and functions you want, we’ll guide you to take a step back. We’ll push you to ask if it makes sense to build custom software, or not. To look at the big picture. To see if those features and functions are in fact the best ones for the business now (or if you can buy an off-the-shelf solution).

If there is a tool that does 80% of what your employees need, we will start by trying to solve for that remaining 20%. If you worked with Firefield in the past, you know we’re problem solvers first and software developers second.

Our development is highly specific — we don’t build products “on spec.” We don’t do RFPs. We don’t fix existing tools with bugs or modernize legacy software. We have a list of industries where we aren’t a good fit: food and retail to name a few.

Do your employees need an online tool to automate cumbersome steps for each customer interaction? Do less data entry? You want your invoicing to be more transparent, or give customers a platform to log in and see progress? Do you want to automate delivery of a product? Streamline scheduling, the organization of people, or time-tracking?

Then we’re the team to help you. Learn more about the type of customers who work with us.

If you are curious whether the Firefield Framework is the right approach for assessing how technology can grow, protect, or spark change in your business — shoot me a message. Let’s talk.