Firefield Studios

We craft game-changing technology products and tools that empower teams, delight users, and scale businesses.

Product Design

User Experience

User Experience

We craft the optimal interactions between an end-user and your company, services, and products.

User Interface

User Interface

We design the screens, pages, and visual elements that a person uses to interact with your product or tool.

Process Design

Process Design

We translate jobs to be done into the explicit paths and controls that actually get them done.

Application Development

Web Applications


We build web applications that are robust and render effectively across today’s most used browsers and devices.

iOS Apps


If you need to harness the unique functionality of an iPad or iPhone, we can develop the ideal native iOS app.

Android apps


Android devices dominate the global mobile market share. We can develop apps to help you take advantage.

Connections and Security

Platform Development


Today’s business needs often require a suite of applications. We develop the platforms that bring them all together.

API Development


Whether your app needs to push or pull data, we develop the APIs needed to make those critical connections.

Information Security

Information Security

We implement safeguards for the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data and digital assets.

Architecture Design

Information Architecture

Data Architecture

We prevent data overload through better design. Our data models are effective, efficient, and intuitive.

Software Architecture


Applications are becoming increasingly complex. Our software architecture keeps apps cohesive and secure.

Infrastructure Design


We design server infrastructure that scales to meet the growing needs of your product.

Product Release



You can’t improve what you don’t measure. We configure tracking for your product’s critical metrics.



Our custom-built playbooks document everything critical to owning and operating your new technology product.



When releasing a product to your audience, we ensure the rollout is robust, on time, and surprise-free.

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