Setting the Plan

Risk-Free Discovery

We'll help you set your roadmap before you build. If you don't like our plan, you can ask for your money back.
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Every Project Begins with Discovery

We offer risk-free Discovery because before building any type of software, there are some key questions that need to be addressed and you need to have the confidence to move forward. These key questions include:

  • Is there a good product-market fit or a pressing need?
  • What, specifically, are we building?
  • What team members and resources will we need?
  • How much time and budget is required?
  • How will your return on investment be measured?
  • What happens after we build?

Each project will be different, but without quality answers to these questions, it can be foolhardy to begin development, even if you’re taking an agile, iterative approach. At Firefield, these are questions we answer in our Discovery phase.

At the end of Discovery, these questions will be addressed and you’ll be armed with the plan to begin developing your project.


What Happens During Discovery?

While each project is different, during Discovery, we engage in stakeholder interviews, discussions, research, design-thinking, prototyping, and logistical planning.  We make sure we understand what you’re trying to achieve and the opportunities and challenges you face. We dive deep into the needs of your users, customers, and staff.

We present ideas and plans and seek out your insight, feedback, and approval. We do whatever is necessary to set concrete details and get everyone on the same page.


What is Delivered during Discovery?

The end deliverables will be tailored to your needs. We make sure we don’t spend time on busy work and unnecessary documentation. We strive to arrive at the most crucial set of details that will allow us to move forward into development.

Discovery deliverables may include:

  • Research and Point of View documents
  • Functionality Specifications
  • Technology Stack
  • User Flows
  • Wireframes
  • Data Schematics
  • Proof of Concept Experiments
  • Designs and Mockups
  • Clickable Prototypes


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Risk-Free Discovery FAQ

How long does Discovery take?

Typically, a Discovery takes 4-6 weeks. In some cases, it can be slightly shorter and for complicated projects, it could take significantly longer.

How much does Discovery Cost?

We bill on a time and materials basis and the hours required will vary from project to project. Please get in touch and after we have some details, we can give you a quote for Discovery.

If I do Discovery with Firefield, does Firefield have to do the development?

No. We hope if there is something to build, you’ll work with us, but if you prefer to take the results of your Discovery and build with an internal team or another agency, that’s completely up to you.

I already have a functional spec, why do I need Discovery?

For a functional spec that gives us everything we need to know and offers an approach we agree with, the Discovery can be very short, but we’ll still have a Discovery period for this. If you have a functional spec or even a product in-market, we can help validate assumptions and make sure we’re planning for the future. If you want a team that will just blindly build what you ask for, Firefield might not be right for you.

Why should I trust Firefield?

Firefield has a track record of delivering quality products to startups and companies — and our clients have reached revenue goals and been able to raise significant funding. We work with our clients for as long as they need us. In some cases, this has been months and in others, years. We have case studies and references for our work.

Since trust must be earned, we off risk-free Discovery so that clients that don’t know us yet can feel more comfortable beginning to work with us. We hope you’ll consider us.


What does Risk-Free mean?

We stand behind our work and our word. We honestly believe that if you’re serious about building software and you engage us for Discovery, you’ll be very happy with that decision. And if you’re not, we’re willing to refund your money.

We Offer Risk-Free Discovery to:

We have some prerequisites

You must have a real problem or need, and you must have (or be able to raise) funds to build if you decide to move forward.

We don’t accept equity for work, except in rare cases of long-standing clients.



We’d love to talk about your needs and how we may be able to help.