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Everything Starts with Principles

If this was a traditional “About Us” page, you might expect to see a letter from the founder or a list of core values. We opted to go a different direction. In the spirit of Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater we operate based on a set of principles. They direct our actions and what our clients and partners should expect from us. Below is an abridged list of our principles grouped into core categories. It speaks to what matters to us as evidenced by how we act, not how we talk.



Appreciate Others

  • Give more consideration to others than we expect for ourselves.
  • Weigh values over abilities over skills.
  • Listen actively with a goal of understanding.
  • Lead with questions, not statements.
  • When a client, project or peer has our attention, give them 100% of it.


Communicate Consciously

  • Be concrete and clear.
  • Confront hard realities early and directly.
  • Be more transparent than the situation requires.
  • Say what we’ll do and then do what we said.
  • Communicate the plan clearly.


Open Up and Be Aware

  • Recognize that everything is relative.
  • Practice extreme open-mindedness.
  • Remain hyper-aware of what we don’t know.
  • Constantly challenge what we think we know.
  • Understand and address the reality around us.
  • Accept what we are and what we’re not.


Improve Constantly

  • Measure as much as possible. Act on what we learn.
  • Hypothesize, test and adapt.
  • Push ourselves to always experience just enough failure.
  • Learn from every mistake.
  • Relentlessly seek opportunities to improve.
  • Keep close watch for patterns – both good and bad.
  • Accept that we’re moving forward or falling behind. There is no neutral.


Demand Quality Decisions

  • Be evidence-based.
  • Rigorously validate assumptions.
  • Encourage opinions that challenge us.
  • Avoid the “newest, biggest, closest” bias.
  • Rule out the simple before moving to the complex.
  • Remember that various paths can lead to the same result.


Be Prepared

  • Plan for the unexpected.
  • Constantly be hunting for blind spots.
  • Always weigh second and third order effects.
  • Prioritize managing risks over increasing returns.
  • Remember that survival creates more opportunities than winning.


Maintain Perspective

  • Don’t mistake a symptom for the broader ailment.
  • Only focus on results. Optics are B.S.
  • Appreciate that the design of anything is iterative.
  • Remember that opportunities come and go. Our values are permanent.


Take Personal Ownership

  • Practice absolute ownership in everything.
  • Don’t make excuses.
  • Hold each other accountable.
  • Do the right thing in every situation. Period.


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