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Building great tools is only part of what we do.

Every Firefield collaboration creates outcomes that matter through three core categories of work.



Understanding Where You Are

It’s not your challenge that shapes your project. It’s you. We prepare your project for success by:

  • Understanding your company’s values and mission.
  • Defining your current challenge so it fits into your larger “why”.
  • Stripping away distractions to focus on the core issue at hand.
  • Learning about your company’s and workforce’s relationship with technology.
  • Highlighting what needs to change and what needs to stay the same.
  • Constructing a unique scorecard that will guide your future technology decion-making.
  • Helping you define a ‘picture of success’ that a software project could help you achieve.


Answering Critical Questions

Outstanding decisions start with outstanding information. We get answers to questions like:

  • Can my business’s challenge reasonably be addressed with software?
  • Should it be addressed with software at all?
  • What upfront resources (time, money, thought) will be required to be successful?
  • What ongoing effort will be needed from us to maintain that success?
  • How do we assess our project’s real value compared to its costs (financial or otherwise)?
  • How do we decide amongst various options (technical or otherwise)?
  • How can we be confident our decision will stand the test of time?


Delivering Meaningful Results

Critical actions are needed before, during and after the creation of any software. We work together to:

  • Translate a collection of desired outcomes into an optimal product design.
  • Tune your processes in order to get the full benefit of your new software.
  • Craft an application or entire system that fits your vision, workforce and constraints.
  • Launch an enterprise-grade tool while minimizing disruption to your team and business.
  • Transfer a base of knowledge so you can confidently own and operate your new product.
  • Protect your success with tech strategy and execution after implementation is complete.
  • Design responses to unexpected events that minimize risk and maximize uptime.

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