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Firefield is an innovation lab partner.We help leaders in innovation execute their ideas.

We help develop prototypes and MVPs as well as take early experiments and prototypes to the next level, including enterprise-ready releases.


Innovative Ideas + Quality Execution

While we all want to play around with machine learning, AI, chatbots, the blockchain, AR, serverless, etc, these technologies require seamless integration with the core software they are enhancing. An innovative project is no excuse for poor project management or shortcuts in user experience and design.

With extensive experience in traditional web and mobile software development, our team members are constantly expanding their skills and exploring new technologies, which makes us an ideal innovation lab partner. When approaching projects, we offer a unique blend of realism and idealism.


Your Domain Expertise Activated

As an innovation lab partner, we are not here to replace your innovation lab or your staff. We’re here to enhance your capabilities and execute on your insights, and offer some of our own.

You know your industry, your customers, and your company best. We allow you to execute quickly, effectively, and measure your results.


A Tailored Approach

We know that each innovation lab is different and the staff composition can vary. Firefield offers a variety of services, but we only want to step in where we offer the most value, which may be project management, technical road mapping, UX design, or robust development. We tailor our approach to meet your needs.

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We know that choosing a partner can be difficult and trust is incredibly important.

We feel very confident in our ability to deliver, and we offer a money-back guarantee on our discovery work.


Firefield offers a wide range of service from project management to UX design to robust development.

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