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We help ventures ask and answer the questions most crucial to their success.
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Consulting at Firefield

Before a pixel hits the screen or a line of code is written, you need to know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

We specialize in identifying the opportunities and challenges inherent in bringing your new product to market.

We help clients avoid pitfalls and understand the road ahead so they can make sure they are properly equipped and ready to execute.

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Product Market Fit

We help our clients evolve both their product offerings as well as their target audience in order to maximize early adoption.

The right team and Resources

We work with our clients to discover and acquire the people, partners, and tools they need to develop, launch, and grow a successful software product.

Projections and Budgeting

We assist with the financial modeling, planning, and estimation a client needs in order to make optimal decisions.

Technical consulting

Many major tech choices need to be made well in advance of developing a software product. Given a client’s objectives and circumstances, we deliver the best possible technology roadmap for their product.

Ideation and Evaluation

Although generating ideas can be challenging, picking a winner can be even harder. We help our clients discover the product concepts that have the greatest likelihood of success.

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