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The Spark Series

In February 2017, Firefield became the founding sponsor of the Spark Series, an invitation-only community of individuals who embrace a ‘pay-it-forward’ mentality. The initiative was founded on a simple principle: When thoughtful people engage by making purposeful offers and asks of each other, they can inspire meaningful action.

Basic Principles


Members embrace a “give first” model for their relationships, always leading with an authentic offer to help.


They also appreciate that the assistance of others can propel them to great things, so they aren’t afraid to ask for a boost.


When this balanced give-and-take mentality is shared and encouraged by a diverse and inspired collection of people, great and unexpected things can result.

Anatomy of a Sparker

Every member of the Spark Series community identifies as one or more of the following…

  • An entrepreneur who leads in the face of uncertainty
  • An innovator who questions the status quo
  • A creative who embraces seeing the world differently
  • An academic who drives provocative thought
  • A civic leader who creates stronger communities
  • A change-maker who inspires meaningful action
  • A mentor who brings out the most in others


A Community Mindset

And more importantly, each Sparker possesses all of the following…

  • An eagerness to act for the benefit of others without payback
  • A track record of leadership in both thought AND action
  • A desire to engage with others in order to inspire and be inspired


Spark Starters

New members to the Spark Series are initially welcomed at a Spark Starter lunch. These lunches typically comprise between 8 and 10 newly invited or recommended individuals and serve as an official introduction to the Series. At lunch attendees are asked to introduce themselves by describing a personal example of helping others that wasn’t tied to an expectation of professional or monetary gain. Leading with this type of introduction (versus the recitation of a pitch or resume) provides a better look at the true makeup of our members.


Spark Sessions

Spark Sessions are the lifeblood of the Spark Series. These events are roundtables that promote extensive engagement among small groups of members (typically a dozen or so). Ahead of a Session, one member will volunteer to source and share a piece of compelling content that taps into their expertise. At the Session itself, that member will then guide an inspired conversation among a collection of colleagues who share a passion for the topic.

Message from:
Adam McGowan
Host and Founder

I have attended a LOT of networking events. In some of those cases, I’ve come away with some real value, but more often than not, they feel like a perpetual grind. I was struggling to put my finger on the exact problematic theme, but then I got introduced to the work of author and researcher Adam Grant. After reading “Give and Take”, Grant’s first book, I realized something: Traditional networking events favor the selfish (a “Taker” in Grant’s parlance). To create real value attendees have to survey the room, identify the co-attendees who are the highest value targets, and then capture those individuals’ attention long enough to squeeze in their pitch. I may have taken few liberties with cynical hyperbole there, but you get the idea.

I wondered what would happen if that concept was turned upside down. What if people came together at an event with a purposefully selfless approach instead? What if everyone’s first thought upon a new interaction was “how can I be of help to this person? What if elevator pitching was downplayed in favor of sharing insights and advice? What if people introduced themselves based on WHO they sare instead of WHAT they do? Now that might not be an event for everyone, but it certainly seemed like something I had yet to experience.

And with that, the Spark Series was born. If you’re interested in attending one of our events, please contact us.

If you would like to reach out to me personally instead, I would be happy to hear from you via email at, I look forward to seeing you at our next event.

Interested in the Spark Series?

We are constantly looking to include more unique, diverse and skilled individuals as participants in the Series.

All events are by invitation only. If you are interested in personally participating or recommending a guest, please contact us.