Case Study

Write the World

A Global Community of Young Writers

The Challenge

In 2012, David Weinstein, former Chief of Administration at Fidelity and Senior Fellow at the Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard University, founded Write the World with a mission to improve the writing of high school students across the globe.

Firefield joined Write the World as their first technical partner. While the team at Write the World had education expertise and a big vision, they had no technical leadership or experience in building and managing web applications. Essentially, they needed help getting started.

The Work

We worked with Write the World team to design and build a prototype for their writing platform. This MVP allowed us to run a number of pilot writing competitions. From these pilots, we learned about the needs of students and educators, then moved on to plan and build a full-fledged community site around the writing platform.

In addition to a community, Write the World offers robust tools like version control, annotation, group management, online publishing, user rewards, and flexible writing assignments.

The Result

Over our years of working together, we saw Write the World grow and expand — we helped them transform their platform into a flourishing global community of young writers and educators.

Young writers are now empowered to develop their voices, refine their editing skills, and publish their work. Write the World helps students develop the writing strategies and communication tools essential for success in school, career, and life. We are proud to have been their partner.

In 2017, the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) named Write the World one of the Best Websites for Teaching & Learning in the digital storytelling category.

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