Case Study

Sagely Health

An Innovative Approach to Treating Cancer

The Challenge

Jason Sager, MD is on a mission to improve outcomes for cancer patients and since we met Jason, it’s become our mission too. Dr. Sager’s career has already spanned oncology, drug development, and patient advocacy and he came to Firefield with a big vision: Accelerate drug discoveries and cancer cures by increasing awareness and participation in clinical trials.

From an initial cancer diagnosis to late-stage treatments, information about available therapies and clinical trials can be hard to find and even harder to understand. Cancer patients and their loved ones need a better way to uncover and understand their options and connect to treatments, diagnostic tests, and research that can make a difference in their lives.

The Work

We have become Sagely Health’s creative and technical partner and our work together has spanned years, scaling up and down as needed. We’ve helped Sagely Health develop technology to collect, analyze, and sort data on treatments, current trials, and the latest research to create custom roadmaps for cancer patients. These roadmaps take the form of interactive reports patients can understand and discuss with their loved ones and physicians.

Our approach has involved heavy doses of design and user experience, robust application development, data analysis, and machine learning.

The Result

Sagely Health has grown into a thriving consulting service, and behind the scenes, we have much larger plans that one day will bring a wealth of information and options to millions of cancer patients. Our approach has allowed them to utilize technology for immediate needs and continue to expand their overall platform to reach future milestones.

“I have never gone water skiing but imagine this must be how it feels to be riding with the boat at full throttle! It is completely enjoyable and exhilarating to see the product unfolding into reality.”

Jason Sager, MD
Founder, Sagely Health
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