Case Study


Quick College Cost Estimator

The Challenge

Hundreds of thousands of students apply to college each year but as the cost to attend continues to rise many qualified individuals don’t bother applying to top institutions because the “sticker price” is much higher than they can afford. Unfortunately, many of these students don’t realize that even a top private college can be affordable once they factor in all of the available financial aid, loans, work-study, and scholarships. The only problem is that figuring out exactly what you qualify for can be a barrier in and of itself. It’s an intimidating process; answering dozens of questions, digging up detailed financial information, then submitting it all to the school.

Wellesley College Economics Professor Philip Levine looked at the data and realized that he could model that process in a way that only requires students to answer six questions, not sixty. He came to Firefield with the goal of building a simple calculator that would expand the impact of his findings to students across the country.

The Work

We evaluated Phil’s functional prototype and worked hand-in-hand to plan an application that would deliver a simple experience to students and their families while accounting for the all the complexities of each school’s financial aid algorithm behind the scenes.

We built a calculator that financial aid offices can seamlessly embed on their website.

The Result

We launched the MyinTuition Quick College Cost Estimator in early 2017 amongst media attention from the New York Times. We saw tens of thousands of users over the first few days but the application scaled appropriately and the launch was a resounding success.

Since it’s initial launch, dozens of other institutions have expressed interest in joining the community of schools that the application is able to serve. Dozens of the country’s top institutions now offer the calculator on their site and the app has helped hundreds of thousands of prospective students.

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