Case Study


Quick College Cost Estimator

The Challenge

Hundreds of thousands of students apply to college each year but as the cost to attend continues to rise many qualified individuals don’t apply to top institutions because the “sticker price” is beyond their means. Unfortunately, many of these students don’t realize that even a top private college is accessible after factoring in financial aid, loans, work-study, and scholarships. Figuring out exactly what a student qualifies for is a complex and discouraging process for families that involves answering dozens of questions and providing detailed financial information.

Wellesley College Economics Professor Philip Levine looked at the data and realized that he could model this difficult process in a way that would drastically cut down the required inputs to just six basic questions. He came to Firefield with the goal of building a calculator tool that would expand the impact of his findings to students across the country.

The Work

We evaluated their functional prototype and worked hand-in-hand to plan an application that would continue to deliver a simple and straightforward experience to students and their families while accounting for the complexity of institution-specific requirements and parameters behind the scenes.

We built a calculator that Financial Aid offices can seamlessly embed on their website.

The Result

We launched the MyinTuition Quick College Cost Estimator in early 2017 amongst media attention from the New York Times that attracted tens of thousands of visitors to the application in the initial days. The app’s infrastructure handled the traffic with ease and has continued to scale accordingly as many waves of students have utilized the tool.

Since it’s initial launch, dozens of other institutions have expressed interest in joining the community of schools that the application is able to serve. We continue to work to accommodate each new school and make iterative improvements

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