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From the Kentucky and Pennsylvanian riflemen of the Revolutionary War to Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the reputation of the American marksman has been solidified in the eyes of the public as one of a silent, deadly warrior with unmatched accuracy on the battlefield. Today, the United States Army has made its sniper manual FM 23-10 available to the public, and many of the sniper concepts taught in it can be applied in the civilian world, especially in hunting. The Army’s weapon of choice is the M24 SWS. Derived from the civilian Remington 700, this 7.62x51mm rifle has an effective range...

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Is Frangible Ammo viable for self-defense? I remember when G2 Research released its R.I.P. (Radically Invasive Projectile) in 2014. To date, the introduction video of the round has had well over 8 million views. G2 Research designed the round to “take out all your vital organs” and be “the last round you will ever need.” Indeed, it is a very mean looking bullet. The R.I.P. is an all-copper hollow-point bullet with eight petals each. These petals have a three-sided pointy tip called trocars made to fragment and create multiple wound channels. A lot of people saw it and exclaimed, “Holy...

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