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From the Kentucky and Pennsylvanian riflemen of the Revolutionary War to Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the reputation of the American marksman has been solidified in the eyes of the public as one of a silent, deadly warrior with unmatched accuracy on the battlefield. Today, the United States Army has made its sniper manual FM 23-10 available to the public, and many of the sniper concepts taught in it can be applied in the civilian world, especially in hunting. The Army’s weapon of choice is the M24 SWS. Derived from the civilian Remington 700, this 7.62x51mm rifle has an effective range...

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No self-respecting gun owner would ever call his AR-15 an assault rifle, but many who’ve never done their research think the “AR” in “AR-15” stands for “Assault Rifle.” In reality, the initials stand for “Armalite Rifle,” and this modern sporting rifle is just as deadly as a Ruger Mini-14. Both are rifles sharing the same .223/5.56x45mm caliber and both accept 30 round box magazines. They even have a comparable muzzle velocity of ~3,000 fps and, most importantly, a rate of fire of one per trigger pull.  The Ruger Mini 14. Not an assault rifle. The AR-15. Not an assault rifle....

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