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Laser sights, when compared to other modern battlefield innovations like night vision and thermal, have a much more recent service history, both with the military and the public. The very first visible lasers attached to firearms came in 1979, developed by a small company called Laser Products Corporation. The company developed lasers as aiming aids primarily for the law enforcement market, and one of its first designs was an enormous laser sight built for the Colt Trooper .357 Magnum.    This laser required special machining for the Colt’s iron sights to be removed, forcing the user to rely solely on...

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By Firefield • July 26, 2019 Don’t let your guard down just because it is broad daylight. Baltimore, Dallas, Nashville, Santa Cruz, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Brooklyn…perhaps even in your own backyard—vicious attacks during broad daylight, with cars and people passing by, are increasingly caught on camera. To become complacent during the day is compromising your safety. Don’t let daylight provide you with a false sense of security. Bad people do bad things no matter what time it is. As someone who has invested their time and money into protecting themselves, you deserve the best and most efficient gear available to defend yourself. There is...

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