Prepping 101: Be Combat-Ready When SHTF

By Blake Johnson  

Preparing for disasters is no easy task. It’s impossible to know how widespread a catastrophe could be, and which materials and resources will be scarce. It’s always better to be prepared, but what happens when you have resources that others don’t? If disaster strikes and resources are running out, people will inevitably be after your assets. Whether a small group or large mob, it’s imperative to have your firearms prepared for any situation in order to protect yourself and your family. Assuming you already have a rifle and pistol in a standard caliber, there are accessories that can turn any range plinker into a home-defense juggernaut, ready for whatever comes your way.

Red/Green Reflex Sight

Firefield red/green dot reflex sight mounted to an AR-15 rifle
Reflex and red dot sights provide quick and accurate target acquisition.

A reflex sight is a large step up from iron sights and allows for quick target acquisition in tactical situations. These sights are typically used on ARs for short to mid-range shots, and their extended eye relief allows the shooter to retain peripheral vision. Reflex sights also won’t break the bank. The Firefield Multi-Red and Green Reflex Sight comes with four different reticle options in red and green for less than $50. For close combat and swift target acquisition, the advantages of a reflex sight are impressive.

Tactical Flashlight/Green Laser

Person shooting a handgun with a laser and tactical flashlight attached
A tactical light on your pistol helps you identify targets.

Pistols are sometimes difficult to aim and at night this problem is amplified. Carrying a light in one hand and a firearm in the other is not only demanding, but also unsafe for the untrained. With most pistols, you are also limited to mounting one accessory and switching them out is burdensome. Lightweight and compact, the Firefield Interchangeable Tactical Flashlight and Green Laser Kit combines two of the most popular accessories for pistols into one durable package. The 5mW green laser and 120-lumen flashlight provide great nighttime visibility for your pistol and ensure you’re aiming directly at your intended target.

Night Vision

Night vision riflescope mounted to an AR-15 rifle
Surveillance, security and night time hunting requires night vision.

For surveillance and security, night vision products are a must. Attacks and thefts can be done at night, hindering the defender from seeing assailants. Night vision technology gives you the ability to see clearly at night, but is very expensive, with products reaching $5,000. For the prepper on a budget, Firefield offers effective, but inexpensive night vision riflescopes like the NVRS 3x42mm. Coupled with an IR illuminator, these Gen I scopes allow for use in both day and nighttime situations. If a riflescope is not your style, or you already have a dedicated optic for your firearm, a night vision monocular might better suit you. Night vision binoculars and monoculars help you spot night attacks before they happen, and you can use the money you save for additional prepping.


A man wearing black tactical gloves holding a pistol with a bayonet attached
If you run out of ammo, you can always stick them with the pointy end.

Situations may arise where your firearm is less effective or even worse—useless. There might be too many attackers, or maybe you’ve run out of ammo and don’t have time to reload. For these unexpected crises, a bayonet offers hand-to-hand combat protection and doubles as a knife when needed. Handheld or weapon mountable, the Firefield Pistol Knife Bayonet provides a three-inch blade and a durable polymer handle. Plus, is any battle-ready firearm really complete without a bayonet?


Compact bipod from Firefield
A steady aim is crucial. A bipod solves this problem.

When taking mid- to long-range shots, a steady aim is crucial, but holding up a rifle for an extended amount of time is tiring. A bipod attachment is an easy way to ensure that you always have a steady hold on your gun. Lightweight and able to pivot, the Firefield Compact Bipod allows for maximum versatility. Enemies will not stop just because you are fatigued, making a bipod an important accessory for your rifle.

At such great values, these quality firearm attachments will leave your wallet with breathing room for more prepping essentials while providing exceptional defense for you and yours. Make sure you’re ready for any situation with Firefield firearm prepping accessories.

How do you have your AR-15 set-up? Is it ready for whatever may happen? List your build in the comment section.

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