Maintain Sight of Your Target with the Largest Objective Lens on the Market

By firefield  

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2016/05/12) – While fighting enemy forces, it’s imperative to maintain a clear view of your target and the surrounding environment. Never lose sight of your objective with the Firefield® Kemper XL Machine Gun Reflex Sight. Featuring the largest objective lens window on the market, this unique device was designed for close-quarter battles, offering fast target acquisition while maintaining pinpoint accuracy.

Large objective lens on a black machine gun reflex sight 
With the largest objective on the market, this reflex sight lets you shoot with booth eyes open

It allows users to shoot with both eyes open—a critical advantage. With unlimited eye relief and a large field-of-view, your target doesn’t have a chance of slipping by. Featuring a bullet drop compensator circle-dot reticle, the Kemper XL has dual color options in red and green and five adjustable reticle brightness settings, so every marksman can customize his or her sight.

The Kemper XL sight features a two-piece weaver mount that is also compatible with bolt action rifles because it features a longer mount. Designed for use on machine guns, the Kemper XL withstands even the toughest recoil for maximum intensity and a rubber shield protects against scratching and damage, prolonging the life of the unit.


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