Firefield Adds Stability to their Rival Foregrips

Firefield Adds Stability to their Rival Foregrips

By firefield  

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2018/10/26) – Added control doesn’t have to come with extra weight. Firefield adds to their line of Rival foregrips with three new different models; XL M-LOK (FF35006), XL KeyMod (FF35007) and a smaller M-LOK (FF35008) version.

Rival foregrips are designed to be one of the lightest grips possible, weighing in at just under five ounces due to a skeletonized body. An aluminum construction allows it to be shockproof and withstand multiple calibers.

Rival foregrips are made for added stability and increased control and accuracy in tactical shooting, combat simulations and home defense. A textured surface and ergonomic design allow for a comfortable, non-slip grip.

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