Firefield® Rechargeable Compact Green Laser Now Available

By firefield  

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2016/05/12) – While intimidation is important, dependable equipment can be lifesaving when the dirt flies. One of the most recognized deterrents in the world is a laser pointed at your chest. The Firefield® Rechargeable Compact Green Laser is the perfect handgun accessory for personal defense, law enforcement and combat situations.

Rechargeable pistol laser sight  
For self-defense and concealed carry, this pistol laser is rechargeable.

The versatile device is equipped with a Weaver rail, easily affixing to a wide variety of firearms including pistols to shotguns. Its compact design keeps the laser unit lightweight without weighing down your firearm, or compromising the rugged durability your life may depend upon. With a daylight visibility range of 50 yards and nighttime visibility range of 600 yards, the Rechargeable Compact Green Pistol Laser offers peace of mind in both close quarters in the home and long-range engagements on the firing line. It can also serve as an important tool for intense airsoft action or tactical training scenarios.

The rechargeable feature is very rapid—completely dead to full charge only takes 10 minutes. Shooters don’t have to worry about searching for and spending money on expensive coin-cell batteries. Easily activated with a flick of the finger, its continuous adjustment value and a USB rechargeable battery powering ensures long-lasting use on a single charge.


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