Firefield® Debuts Tactical Combat Sight for Multi-Purpose Shooting

By firefield  

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2016/05/12) – Featuring both red and green reticle colors, the Firefield® Close Combat 1×28 Dot Sight with Red Laser is the ideal optical device for indoor and outdoor, short- to long-range shooting. The 1×28 Dot Sight’s cantilever design enables the unit to be positioned forward on the upper receiver of an AR-15. This feature allows users to mount a magnifier behind it, increasing target accuracy and providing the capability of making longer-distance shots.

Red dot sight with integrated laser sight on a mount 
Choose between a red or green illuminated reticle, on this dot sight/laser combo.

“With the new Close Combat 1×28 Dot Sight, users can quickly and accurately align their firearm on the center of the target and focus on only the target rather than having to focus on precision aiming and reticle placement,” said Jonathan Horton, Director of Product Development. “This helps to more rapidly acquire and successfully hit multiple targets in various locations and distances.”

Offering the ability to adjust to various lighting environments (red for indoor use and green for outdoor use), this adaptable unit is perfect for a wide range of daytime and nighttime applications including hunting, tactical scenarios and precision shooting. The Close Combat 1×28 Dot Sight with Red Laser is also parallax corrected, ensuring the reticle remains in the same spot regardless of target range and aiming position.

Capable of withstanding up to 1,000 G’s of heavy recoil, the device features an anodized, matte black, aluminum housing and a weather rating of IPX6 for exceptional durability and long-lasting operation.


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