The Spark Series

The Spark Series is an initiative founded on the principle that when people engage each other because of who they are (rather than what they do), they can forge more meaningful connections, magnify a “pay-it-forward” culture, and discover unexpected inspiration or opportunities.

Spark Series members all possess a willingness to share their passion, experience, and attention for the benefit of others. This can take structured forms such as mentorship or volunteering. But it can also take a more informal shape – like an individual who is generous with thoughtful favors for her peers and new relationships alike.

Beyond an “others first” mentality, membership criteria also include a peripheral (or stronger) connection to the innovation economy as well as a material level of experience in an industry or field of study.

Membership comes at no cost other than a willingness to forge new relationships and cast aside expectations of “quid pro qu0”-style networking.

Spark Series members benefit from the opportunity to engage with each other via three types of events: Spark Starters, Spark Sessions, and Spark Socials.


Spark Starters

New members to the Spark Series are initially welcomed at a Spark Starter lunch. These lunches typically comprise between 8 and 10 newly invited or recommended individuals and serve as an official introduction to the Series. At lunch attendees are asked to introduce themselves by describing a personal example of helping others that wasn’t tied to an expectation of professional or monetary gain. Leading with this type of introduction (versus the recitation of a pitch or resume) provides a better look at the true makeup of our members.


Spark Sessions

Spark Sessions are intimate gatherings of members that involve discussion around a particular subject area. Each event is built around a single member who has volunteered to present briefly to the group and then lead a discussion on the topic. The objectives of a Spark Session are twofold:

The first is to provide an opportunity for a member to be highlighted for a willingness to share her compelling depth of experience. The second is to provide a broader group of members a means to engage in a unique way around a topic of shared interest. Members who have attended a Spark Starter are welcome at any Spark Session.


Spark Socials

Spark Socials are member gatherings that include no agenda or prepared programming. The objective is to accommodate groups that are too large for a Spark Session while still providing members the opportunity for meaningful interactions. Socials are generally hosted at a bar or restaurant in the late afternoon or early evening. As with Spark Sessions, Socials are open to members who have previously attended a Starter lunch.


Interested in Membership?

We are constantly looking to broaden membership in the Spark Series. Since attendance at a Spark Starter lunch is by invitation only, please contact us or email Adam McGowan directly if you are interested in personally participating or recommending a new member.