Turning Roadblocks into Roadmaps

When Firefield was first introduced to Adam Goldberg, founder and CEO of torchlight, he was in the process of translating his decades of industry experience into an online application that could help families of children facing education-based challenges. Adam initially engaged with a traditional “dev” shop and had recently replaced them. But even with his new technical vendor, something was still missing….a true technology partner. Then Firefield arrived.

The Firefield / torchlight relationship began without wireframes, functional specifications, or drawings on napkins. It started with a deep dive into Adam’s experience and vision, working to extract the elements most central to the product he was trying to build. From there our ideation process turned toward product design, working to curate, refine, and ultimately build the optimal feature set for their Minimum Viable Product (“MVP”).

A successful MVP launch was quickly followed by closed rounds of financing, deals with publicly-traded partners, and a product that constantly improved and evolved by way of user feedback and customer acquisition.

Since those early iterations, torchlight has found a great deal of continued success. Today they are a White-House featured startup with a growing client list including names like Accenture, Bloomberg, Johnson & Johnson, Mastercard, Toyota and Verizon (to name a few). They have expanded their scope to extend beyond education, now addressing family caregiving as a whole.

All along the way, Firefield has remained torchlight’s trusted technology partner, handling strategy, design, development, and implementation. As torchlight has begun transitioning to an in-house technical team in recent months, Firefield has even participated in talent discovery, acquisition and training. Today we’re proud to be helping shape the technical team that will take over where we leave off.

“We would never have smashed milestones with such agility were it not for an all-hands approach to first dissecting the business at a strategic level before crafting a rock-solid data model and executing across software disciplines with such speed and precision. I am blown away by this all-star team and humbled to count them as part of my team.”

Adam Goldberg, M.ed

Founder, torchlight