SendaGuy Now

Reimagining How Repairs Get Done

In private beta for the Union Square area of Manhattan, SendaGuy Now offers restaurant owners a way to get their equipment fixed quickly by the right repairman.

ServiceChannel, a facilities management software company has helped more than 50,000 facilities professionals and commercial contractors conduct over $15B in business at over 170,000 locations in 63 countries, came to Firefield to imagine and build an on-demand service for restaurant owners.

We extracted ServiceChannel’s deep expertise in facility management to help them prioritize the possibilities and use the newest technology to streamline the process. We began with a deep dive into their ideas, knowledge, and experience. Then we built interactive prototypes to test our assumptions and get feedback—from the experts at ServiceChannel and their customers.

With everyone onboard and excited, our team tackled the build — we worked iteratively, giving ServiceChannel a full view into their software as it came to life. They were able to provide feedback and continue to evolve the features based on user feedback and real world testing. The result is SendaGuy Now, an intuitive experience that takes the pain out of getting equipment fixed and finding customers.

In order to make a complex process very simple for restaurant owners and repairmen, we built a robust system for matching service requests to qualified technicians—that all works in real-time. The restaurant owner, the dispatcher, and the technician have mobile apps that run off the same centralized system that ServiceChannel can monitor and analyze.

We continue to work with ServiceChannel on this exciting project to bring it to new industries and markets across the US.

“Firefield is an outstanding software development company and partner that has demonstrated a depth of technical expertise in state-of-the-art web and mobile app development. ServiceChannel fully trusts Firefield to deliver technical solutions that meet our stringent product requirements – and always in a timely and cost-efficient manner. We look forward to working with Firefield on future projects.”

Eric Schechter

Director, ServiceChannel Ventures